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In "Younger in 60 Days!"
(aka Turning Back The Clock!)
the ScreenBook, "SpoOoky the Dalmabull"
was easily cast because he wanted to get paid in bones currency!
We made no bones about it and quicky hired him to chew the
ankles of the cast of coniving British actors in the story.
SpoOoky is always hungry, so we are securing
the budget to round-up the cast and feed
SpoOoky with more treats!

Wanna Help?

Contact us Here For:

Michael Caine
Pierce Brosnan
Richard Branson
and...Guess the Rest of the Cast!

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Most of my cartoons, movies and fairytales have animals in them. Why? Because each animal has its own personality that adds surprises and uplifting moments to a story like SpoOoky the Dalmabull below. I care about the Environment, Animals and Science, and about protecting and improving the way that we live today while creating a better and safer tomorrow.